What is Reputation Marketing?

Reputation Marketing is the process of using customer reviews and feedback to promote your business and its products & services. While 98% of business websites do not have customer reviews on any of their web pages, those that do deeply influence their customer’s choices. When you have positive reviews from sites like Google or Facebook , customers trust that they are dealing with a reliable, dependable company. They know their purchase will arrive in a timely fashion and any defects or shipping mistakes will be rectified without hassle. However a negative review can steer your customer to your competition, and just as damaging, if your website has no reviews at all your customers will want to know why and will likely choose a competitor with a healthy selection of reviews over yours with none.

Reputation Marketing Video Packages

Our company will produce a free Reputation Video for your company by turning your positive reviews into a promotional video that you can place on your website, share on social media and post to online review sites like google.

Sun Creative Group can produce your company’s reputation video starting with your niche or business category: (If you don’t see your business category, try one of the generic or local ones.)

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